We undertake three main types of research, these being web user interviews, website visitor surveys and online customer surveys.

Web user interviews provide in-depth feedback to clients to help them with the development and management of their sites or other aspects of their propositions. We use a new methodology for conducting these interviews which offers important quality and cost benefits compared to the traditional approach.

Website visitor surveys are used to profile customers and explore their attitudes to the client and their competitors. They can be based on popup-type invitations appearing on the site, or use other methods of recruitment, such as email invitations to recent purchasers or e-newsletter recipients, and we can incorporate complex methods of controlling the profile of respondents or targeting certain areas of a site.

Online customer surveys can be with recent purchasers to test product or service satisfaction levels, for example, or with new customers, lapsed customers or other segments in order to help retailers identify strategies for improving average spending levels.

Please contact Richard Clark to discuss your research needs on 01635 371100 or richardc@bcmr.co.uk

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